A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life

I am not one to share too much of our private life. Today however I am opening the doors (just a little) and sharing “a day in the life”. I always love reading these kind of blogs/vlogs. There is something so intriguing about how someones spends 24hours. In a first I have vlogged a majority of our day, along with a noted rundown!

Whilst no day is the same in our house I chose to share a Wednesday. The one day we have free of no playgroup, no school, no dancing and no personal training sessions! Just a day to do whatever we like other than run a few errands. Friday is also that day too. Melbourne turned the weather on that Wednesday so I couldn’t resist. It was a perfect day to get out and about sharing “a day in the life”.






Rise and shine! I get up around this time most mornings (weather depending) to take our dog out for a run. It is my favourite way to start the day as I feel energised and ready for the day. Not to mention it is like my “me-time” and Im certain our dog loves the one-on-one/ kid free time too haha!

7am – 

Breakfast time. Once I get home its time to get breakfast happening. Aria is usually up by 7am and Scarlett wakes anywhere from 7am-7.30am. Scarlett is the kind of kid as soon as she wakes up she wants food pronto! Breakfast is anything from weet-bix, eggs, pancakes, toast, fruit and yoghurt. I sit down with the girls and eat mine at the same time, which is usually muesli with greek yoghurt or eggs. I always use this time for a quick scroll of social media

8am – 

I get myself ready for the day. Whilst I do stay home and look after our girls and a “blogger”…can I call myself that? It feels weird! I do take pride in my appearance. Coming from an industry where my hair always had to be styled, makeup on and dressed well, I am just used to that and its part of my daily life, even as a mum! I do have my off days (currently as I type I am still in my workout clothes!)

Most mornings my husband is still around home so I make sure I shower whilst he is still around. Although somehow I still end up with two kids at my feet and one trying to apply her makeup too hah! I wash my hair every second or third day. I rarely wear my hair straight so I always curl it if its hair wash day or I will wear it up topknot/ponytail or like my low bun tutorial. Quick makeup application, dressed and I am ready for the day.

8.50am –

Get the girls ready for the day. When you have a three year who likes to pick her own clothes and tell you how to style her hair, this can take awhile! Aria’s current favourite hair style is piggy-tail and a side pony tail.

9.25am –

Make sure the baby bag is all packed for the day, water bottles, snacks/lunch, sunscreen, nappies etc….Swap the prams over in the car if needed. I am always switching between Stokke Xplory and our double pram Valco baby Snap Duo. Today I am taking the Stokke with us. Toilet check for Aria. And we are set, girls are in the car, away we go! Its amazing once you have two kids how long it takes to get ready and get everyone in the car!

a day in the life melbourne lifestyle and beauty blogger

10.20am – 

Rathdowne Street, Carlton. I love this street! You will find one of my favourite stores here The Lab Organics. The park here Curtain Square is amazing for kids as it has plenty of shade. If you after some delicious bread Kylie’s Slow Dough is O.M.G so good!

a day in the life melbourne carlton cafe bu coffee shop

10.35am – 

First stop though, coffee and babycinos of course! We love strolling around, so I tend to park the car somewhere and then just wander. Plus that is when you find the best places! There is a cute, photo-worthy little cafe we love stopping at Cafe BÜ for our coffee. Other than grabbing take away we have never stopped to sit and eat there yet! Next time for sure.

a day in the life rathdowne st the lab organics melbourne lifestyle blogger beauty


Rathdowne Village is always so  pretty to wander down. All the gorgeous terrace houses and leafy tree lined street. The Lab Organics is located not to far from Curtain Square. A skincare and lifestyle store. Its my go to shop for the Bondi Wash range, Grown Alchemist, Salus and beautiful candles. I picked up some more floor wash plus a scented candle, black fig so heavenly! A quick browse around and its time to let the girls go have fun at the park.

11.10am – 

Curtain Square, we just love this place. I will be sharing on the blog all our favourite parks we frequently visit and this is one. The is plenty of grass, toilet facilities and the playground has shaded cover, which is perfect on warm sunny days like today. I have packed all lunch/snacks with us today so the girl have their lunch whilst we are here. Whilst on our walk back to the car we stop to pick up some flowers.

a day in the life melbourne lifestyle beauty blogger

1.30pm –

Both girls have fallen asleep on the way home. However as soon as we are home Aria wakes up, I was secretly hoping she would stay sleeping. Scarlett I transfer to her cot with success.

1.45pm –

This is the time of day I use to catch up on work on the blog whilst Scarlett sleeps. I make sure Aria is all set up with craft activities, puzzles or she will happily play with her toys. Depending how long Scarlett sleeps for I can get in a good hour or two of work. This varies each day depending what I have to get done. From checking emails, writing a blog post, photography, content planning, keyword research, SEO, scheduling pinterest, creating my pinterest pins, reading articles and the list can go on and on! I don’t do this all in one session haha I break it up over the week depending what I have happening! And some days I do only do 30mins of work and go chill with Aria instead, then catch up at night.

a day in the life modern muse estee lauder fragrance flatlay styling

2.00pm – 

Today I need to get a flatlay pieced together for Estee Lauder Modern Muse. (Read more about flatlay styling here) This can take anywhere from 5mins to 30mins then add on the editing and caption planning! Before I know it I have a short time left to catch up on a few things.

3.15pm –

Scarlett is up from her afternoon nap. Quite often Aria will run into her sister’s room when she wakes and climbs in the cot with her! Scarlett generally naps anywhere from an hour to two hours. It really depends on if she has had a morning nap. Today she didn’t so she had a really long afternoon nap!

3.25pm –

Snack time and playtime! Think fruit, cheese + crackers or a smoothie. We are going through a crazy amount of blueberries and strawberries at the moment. Then our afternoon is spent just playing! This is also the time of day I start to clean up a little

4.30pm –

The dinner prep begins. Most nights I do try to cook us all the same meal. If my husband is home early then we all sit down to eat together. Tonight he is, so its an early dinner! I love when he is home early as that means more chill time once the girls go to bed and no eating dinner at 7.30pm!!

6.00pm – 

Dinner cleanup, girls showered and changed ready for bed. Both of them have their milk and a few more minutes of playtime

7.00pm –

Storytime and both the girls are tucked up in bed. Sweet dreams little ones! Both are pretty good and go straight to sleep. Although on a few occasions we have found Aria in bed with a whole heap of toys! And Scarlett tends to drop her bunny out of her cot or her dummy so she cries out for them!

A quick little tidy up and then its Netflix and chill time! Usually I am in bed 10pm!


And that is “a day in the life”. It pretty much sums us up! I hope you enjoyed the Vlog! It is my first time creating a piece like that. I have realised I need to invest in a tripod or a selfie stick haha, not to mention the natural lighting in my house is terrible where I was filming (I look so tired). If you have any comments please leave them below. Or if you would like to see more Vlogs please let us know

Once again as I mentioned in my vlog a very big thank you to the beautiful Brooke (blogger at This Wilde Love) for organising a fun collaboration between a wonderful group of bloggers and vloggers. It has been such a fabulous project to be  part of. Not to mention pushing me completely out of my comfort zone to create a video!

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